cau|tion1 [ˈko:ʃən US ˈko:-] n
[Date: 1500-1600; : Latin; Origin: cautio, from cavere 'to be careful, be on guard']
1.) [U]
the quality of being very careful to avoid danger or risks
→↑cautious with caution
We must proceed with extreme caution .
The physician must exercise caution when prescribing anti-depressants.
counsel/urge caution
Many parents are tempted to intervene, but most experts counsel caution.
treat/view sth with caution
(=think carefully about something because it might not be true)
Evidence given by convicted criminals should always be treated with the utmost caution .
err on the side of caution aterr
a warning or piece of advice telling you to be careful
Although pleased, Henson added a caution that the team still has a long way to go.
word/note of caution
A final word of caution - never try any of this without backing up your system.
3.) throw/cast caution to the winds
literary to stop worrying about danger and to take a big risk
Throwing caution to the winds, she swung around to face him.
4.) [U and C] BrE
a spoken official warning given to someone who has been ↑arrested or who has done something wrong that is not a serious crime
He was let off with a caution.
under caution
The defendant may make a statement under caution.
caution 2
caution2 v
1.) [I and T]
to warn someone that something might be dangerous, difficult etc
caution (sb) against sth
Business leaders are cautioning against hasty action that would hamper flexibility.
caution (sb) that
Officials were quick to caution that these remarks did not mean an end to the peace process.
caution sb to do sth
He cautioned them to avoid the forest at night.
2.) [T] BrE
a) to warn someone officially that the next time they do something illegal they will be punished
caution sb for (doing) sth
She was cautioned for speeding.
b) to warn someone officially that what they say to a police officer may be used as ↑evidence in a court of law

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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